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The Best Blood Ketone Meters of 2018

In this guide, I find the best blood ketone meters on Amazon and rank them based on accuracy, ease of use, the price of the ketone meter and test strips, customer service and availability of replacement test strips.

Testing your Ketones and Glucose is not mandatory to be successful on your keto diet, but its a good indicator of where you are at on your ketogenic diet. Use this guide to find the best blood ketone meter, then in the first 6 to 8 weeks, you want to test your blood sugar every morning. Also, at least twice a week all day long; after lunch and dinner and post work out.

Why You Want to Track Both Ketones and Glucose

When trying to get into ketosis faster you want to not only track your ketones but also track your glucose so you know how different foods or activities affect your glucose level. All of the devices below will store all the values and dates in their memory. If your blood sugar spikes over 80 mg/deciliter or 4.4 mmols you’re not in ketosis. You might be using ketones but ketones must be high and glucose must be low. Even if your ketones are up-if the glucose is high your body will use the glucose for energy, which means that your body is going to insulin. Insulin is the culprit to why you’re not losing weight; if your glucose is high you’re going to store fat even if you’re not eating carbs. You can make sugar without eating one drop of carbs. It’s called gluconeogenesis.

Test your ketones only in the morning. Ketones are always going to rise later in the day, so test in the morning fasted. You do not test your ketones all day long so don’t waste your strips. You want to test fasted after a good nights sleep. Remember to get enough sleep, your body makes ketones while you sleep. If you don’t get enough REM state cycles you’re not going to produce enough ketones to keto-adapt.

A lot of people who do the keto diet are successful without ever testing their ketones or glucose because they are strictly following a good keto meal plan. But if you want to know or aren’t sure where you are, tracking your blood ketone and glucose can improve your chances of successfully losing weight faster.

Best Blood Ketone MetersRatingProsConsIncludes
4.8Easy to use
Great Customer Service
Inexpensive Strips
Glucose strips not
available on
10 Ketone Strips
1 Lancing Device
10 Lancets
Precision Xtra
4.0Great Product
Easy to use
Excellent Customer Service
Large painful
Glucose readings
are high
10 Ketone Strip
1 Lancing Device
1 mo. supply of
and Alcohol Wipes
Bruno Pharm MD6
4.0Easy to Use
Great Customer Service
Includes Glucose Strips
Expensive Replacement
10 Glucose Test
10 Keto Strips
1 Lancing Device
50 Lancets
Nova Max PLUS
4.0Very Inexpensive
Easy to use
Glucose readings
are high
1 Lancing Device
10 Lancets

Basic Feature of the Best Blood Ketone Meters:

  • Tests for Both Ketones and Glucose
  • All of the meters allow you to set the date and time.
  • Allow you to set it for milligrams or deciliter.
  • You can set 4 different alarms to remind you to do a test.
  • Allow you to save the readings in its memory.
  • They come with the meter, owner’s manual, quick start guide and batteries.
  • Each comes with 1 Lancing Device and at least 10 Lancets.

There seems to be a lot of confusion about control solutions. A lot of reviewers were angry that the meters did not come with a control solution and believed it was required to use the meter or to be able to “fix” the meter. The control solution, which can be purchased separately, is to be used if you suspect your meter or test strips are defective. It is very rare for the meters to be off,  but the control solution tests whether your meter is giving you accurate results.

This is from the Keto-Mojo website:

“Our control solutions contain a known amount of β-Ketone that can react with keto-mojo test strips.” “You can check the performance of meter, test strip, and your technique by comparing the control solution results with the range printed on the label of test strip vial. Checking regularly can ensure your test results are accurate.”

Best Blood Ketone Meters

Top Pick. Keto Mojo 

best blood ketone meter

Keto-Mojo Blood Ketone Meter

KETO-MOJO Blood Ketone and Glucose Testing Meter Kit, Monitor your ketogenic diet, 1 Lancet Device, 10 Lancets, 10 Ketone Test Strips, Carrying Case. Does NOT include Glucose Strips.

The Precision Xtra has been the gold standard and what everybody has been using, but it is very expensive to use. Then Keto-Mojo came out last year and is much more affordable. The Keto-Mojo comes with all of the standard accessories plus 10 ketone strips. (Click here for current Amazon price)

Keto-Mojo is a very affordable, accurate and simple to use meter. One mistake you can make using the Keto-Mojo is make sure you precode the strips. Unlike the other meters, you have to code with a key. Each new package of strips come with a new key and you have to re-key it. If you do not do that your readings will not work.

The Keto-Mojo Blood Ketone Meter gets high marks for its ease of use, great customer service, and inexpensive strips. Unfortunately, the glucose test strips are not available on Amazon at the time of this writing. To get the glucose strips you have to go to their website where you can get a 50 count of Glucose Test Strips for 14.99. Plus they have various bundles called “Founders Kits” which let you get all of your future ketone strips for 99 cents for life. The ketone strips are available from Amazon at the moment of this writing (click here to check the price of the Keto-Mojo Ketone Test trips on Amazon).

There were a few negative reviews about errors and bad readings, however, it turns out it was probably user errors. One reviewer who called customer service after wasting several test strips was compensated for them even though it was his fault.

The following Blood Ketone Meters are listed in no particular order, each has positives but also has a major negative that the Keto-Mojo did not have. So it was easy to choose the best blood ketone meter. But if you were to choose any of the following meters, you will have sacrifice by taking a negative to get the positive. What you choose depends on your budget, how much pain you’re willing to take and how important convenience is to you.

2. Precision Xtra by Abbott

best blood ketone meter

DSS Precision Xtra Blood Glucose Meter Kit, Results in 5 seconds, Strips Not Included (1 Kit)

This has been the standard for a long time but new competitors are coming up to give the Precision Xtra a run for its money. The Precision Xtra Blood Ketone Testing Kit gets positive reviews for being easy to use,  and excellent customer service. It gets complaints that the strips are very expensive, however, I found that they are just slightly more expensive than the Keto-Mojo strips if you order them through Amazon.

Since the Precision Xtra has been around longer there are many choices of Precision Xtra Blood Glucose Test Strips available from Amazon. And there are also many choices of Precision Xtra Blood Ketone Test Strips available from Amazon. The prices are usually a little higher than the Keto-Mojo Strips but you can get the price per strip down by ordering in bulk.

Another common complaint is that the Precision Xtra requires more blood than other meters do. The needles are larger and more painful than the other meters, using a 28 gauge needle where most other meters use a smaller 30 gauge.

Keto-Mojo vs Precision Xtra

Keto Connect did a comparison of the Keto-Mojo vs. Precision Xtra. They tested their ketone levels each day for 3 days. The readings were different by a few points. Sometimes the Keto-Mojo was higher, sometimes the Precision Xtra was higher. They say there were some slight discrepancies but not enough to spend more money on the Precision Xtra. They also point out that Keto-Mojo is a small business working with the keto community and that the Precision Xtra is made by Abbot, a huge drug corporation. So they recommend supporting small business plus it’s cheaper.

Dr. Darren Schmidt says in the past he recommended Precision Xtra but the Precision Xtra glucose reading can be high as high as 15 points. So now he recommends Keto-Mojo Blood Ketone and Glucose Meter.

3. Bruno Pharm MD6 Blood Ketone Monitoring System

best blood ketone metersBlood Ketone Monitoring System | Track Your Ketones and Ketogenic Diet Progress | Ketosis Test Kit with Lancing Device, 10 Blood Glucose Test Strips, 10 Keto Strips + 50 Lancets by Bruno Pharma MD6

The Bruno MD6 is the newest on the market and has a small sampling of reviews. The positives are that it is the only starter kit that includes the glucose test strips. Plus the MD6 replacement Ketone Strips and Glucose Strips are available on Amazon. It also gets points for great customer service and that it easy to use and works well.

The negatives are that the replacement strips are the most expensive out of all of the meters we reviewed; coming in at 3 times more expensive than the Keto-Mojo strips. But if convenience is important to you and you don’t want to have to order from any site besides Amazon, the glucose strips are available here.

4. Nova Max Plus Glucose Monitoring System

Nova Max Plus Glucose Monitoring System

On the least expensive end, we have the Nova Max Plus Glucose Monitoring System which also monitors ketones. The positives are its price, it’s by far the cheapest meter we’ve reviewed. The ketone testing strips and glucose testing strips are readily available from Amazon and are priced right in the middle between the lowest priced Keto-Mojo strips and the most expensive Bruno Pharm MD6 strips.

It got a few negative reviews for not working properly and being defective. However other reviewers chimed in to say they needed to wash their hands, use alcohol wipes and do not handle the test strips improperly, otherwise, you will get errors. Also, commonly found were reviewers complaining that the glucose readings were 20 to 30 points too high compared to their results from a medical lab.

The fifth Blood Ketone and Glucose meter I found was the Care Touch Ketone Testing Kit. I did not include it as an option because as of this writing there are no glucose test strips available, the kit does not include any, there are none to purchase either through Amazon or their website. There are other Care Touch Glucose Test Strips but they only work with the Care Touch Blood Glucose Meter. It’s a shame because it looks like a decent meter and the Ketone Test Strips are reasonably priced. Keep checking Amazon to see if they have added Glucose Test Strips compatible with the Care Touch Ketone Testing Kit.


Factoring all Amazon reviews, customer service, accuracy, ease of use and price of the meter and the cost of replacement test strips the Keto-Mojo comes out on top out as the best blood ketone meter. Keto-Mojo as a company is focused on the ketogenic diet community and is a small up and coming business I would feel good about supporting.

Also, remember not to let the ketone readings affect your mental state. You don’t want it to weigh you down if you’re feeling good, eating great, working out and feeling good and you get a low ketone reading, don’t let that bring you down. Just keep pushing through knowing that their will be highs and lows and by following a good ketogenic diet meal plan you’re already doing something great for your body and mind.