How Do You Know When Your Body is in Ketosis?

I think you’ll agree with me that not knowing if your body is in Ketosis is one of the most frustrating aspects of the ketogenic diet.

I struggled with wondering whether or not that slice of cake that I couldn’t resist knocked me out of ketosis. But once I knew what signs and symptoms to look for, I could easily tell if I was in Ketosis.

In today’s post I will share with you 5 indicators that you are in ketosis and show you a way to monitor your blood ketone level.

The ketogenic diet is a proven and effective means of losing weight and improving one’s health. During a ketogenic diet, one’s body undergoes several biological adaptations such as a decrease in the level of insulin and a higher rate of fat breakdown. So, how do you know when your body is in ketosis?

5 Signs and Symptoms Your Body is in Ketosis

Suppressed Appetite

how to know when your body is in ketosis

Most people usually report decreased hunger once on a ketogenic diet . This is because you can pretty much eat all you can, as long as it is a keto approved food.

Instead of feeling hungry, you will be satiated from eating less food due to the high content of healthy fats.

Weight Loss

This is a welcome symptom while one is in ketosis. This may occur for various reasons and as demonstrated by various research studies, one can experience short and long term weight loss while in ketosis.

At first, as in many diets, the first few pounds will be water weight. Then once you enter ketosis the majority of weight loss is from burning fat. To avoid weight loss from losing muscle make sure your protein intake is high enough for your level of activity.

Slight Fatigue

how do you know when your body is in ketosisSwitching to a ketogenic diet can be an issue in the beginning stages since it may involve some feelings of weakness & fatigue.

Many people quit the diet prior to getting into complete ketosis, when energy levels return at an even higher level.  But this is expected since the switch does not occur overnight.

In case you need to reduce this fatigue, you can consider consuming electrolyte supplements.

Bad Mouth Odor

how do you know when your body is in ketosisIndividuals frequently report bad breath after getting into full ketosis. This comes from the increased levels of ketones, particularly acetones which leaves your body through your breath.

Many victims brush their teeth several times a day. Or you can just keep some sugar-free gum handy to deal with this issue.

Digestive Issues

Ketogenic diets involves a big shift in the kind of foods which you consume. Issues such as constipation & diarrhea are common during the early stages of ketogenic diet. However, the issues will quickly go away. Though one should be cautious on the foods that cause digestive issues.

How do you know when your body is in ketosis?

Remember, if you follow the guidelines of a ketogenic diet and remain consistent; chances are that you will stay in ketosis.

In case you need a more precise test, you can monitor your levels of ketones present in your blood, breath or urine every week with Keto Strips.

Having said that, if you are enjoying the ketogenic diet, then you do not need to obsess yourself over the levels of ketones. By eating less sugar and fattening carbs you are becoming more healthy whether you are in ketosis or not.