how long does it take to lose weight in ketosis

How Long Does It Take To Lose Weight In Ketosis?

Wondering how long does it take to lose weight in ketosis? If you are like me when starting a Ketogenic diet, your main goal was to lose weight fast.

Not knowing how long it would take to lose weight in ketosis was frustrating. I wanted to be reassured that I would be rewarded for giving up bread, sugar and french fries with fast fat loss.

Everyone wants to know how long does it take to lose weight in ketosis? People want  immediate results when it comes to losing weight.

In this post I will show you how much weight you can expect to lose while on a ketogenic diet and what it really takes to get there.

How Long Does it Take to Lose Weight in Ketosis?

According to a 2008 study on nutrition, men who strictly follow a ketogenic diet for at least four weeks can lose an average of 12 pounds although the results may vary. The participants were able to consume fewer calories without feeling dissatisfied or hungry according to the study.

The rate of weight loss varies while on a ketosis diet, and how long it takes to be effective largely depends on how much weight one wants to lose, but it is possible to lose over 12 pounds in a month.

Most people who want to lose weight with the help of a ketogenic diet, lose it fast. But you must strictly adhere to it.

Remember it is important to include exercise to your regimen to speed up the weight loss process. Also, you must avoid foods such as artificial sweeteners, wheat products and by products of wheat like wheat flour and wheat gluten as well as dairy products.

When beginning a low-carb diet, water weight loss is a common occurrence. The diuretic effect of ketosis causes a rapid weight loss in just a few days. 

How Ketosis Speeds Up Your Weight Loss

A ketogenic diet, also known as a ketosis diet or low-carb diet, is one of the best ways you can lose weight fast.  Lowering your intake of carbs causes you to go into ketosis, which then forces your body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates for energy.

See, when you consume something that is high in carbs your body produces glucose and raises your insulin. When you cut the carbs, after a while your body is lacking enough glucose for energy, so fat is burned instead.

This process leads to a build-up of acids known as ketones within your body. This natural metabolic process is what is referred to as ketosis. So,how long does it take to lose weight in ketosis?

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How to Lose Weight Fast on a Keto Diet

I cannot lie to you, it will take hard work. There are no shortcuts to losing weight faster on the keto diet. You need to stop yourself from trying to get quick results, it took you a long time to get where you are right now and it’s a process to fix it.

There are a lot of products on the market and all over other keto blogs and websites that claim to spike your ketones and make you drop weight quick. You see all these before and after pictures but do not believe it. It wasn’t the product that changed their body it was hard work; exercise and a good diet plan.

You can not get into ketosis faster than what your body will let you if you have metabolic damage, which many of you do, and your glucose is high your ketones are unusable.

Everybody wants to know how fast will I see my results? how long will it take me to get into ketosis? But they are usually looking for a short-cut, a quick fix.

If you see a product that says you will lose 40 pounds in 30 days, it’s not fat. If you lose 16 pounds in your first week it’s just water being flushed out through your urine. Dropping water too quickly can cause your electrolytes, potassium, magnesium and sodium to become imbalanced.

What To Do to Lose Weight on Keto

First, get to sleep. That’s where you lose weight, not in the day or while you’re exercising.

If you go go go all day, stay up late and miss on sleep it can mess up your adrenal gland function and your body will do a desperate attempt to store fat as a survival mechanism.

Instead of staying up all night go to bed early and wake up earlier when it’s peaceful and you are connected to the circadian rhythm.

Our body is connected to the daylight cycles of light and dark, so instead of fighting it with caffeine, go with it. You want to get hormonial balanced if you want to lose weight, your hormones are connected to the day/night cycles. If you want to have incredible cognitive skills and you want to have energy then go to bed early, catch the first hours of light, stay away from caffeine. So go to bed early and start shutting off the brain way before you go to bed. Turn off your TV, computer, phone etc. Don’t even read a book.

And don’t miss breakfast until you are in ketosis. Yes intermittent fasting is great for the body and detoxifying, but you cannot access the body fat until you are in ketosis. When your body is in a state of crisis your detoxification pathways are not working. Intermittent fasting with the clogged up liver and the adrenals not firing properly and the possible irritation of the thyroid, your bodies going to become toxic even more.

Get rid of the coffee. It overstimulates your adrenal glands to produce adrenaline and cortisol. Cortisol in excess is a steroid hormone which will irritate the body.

Coffee actually forces you to do things that it doesn’t have the energy for. You’ll get a bump in energy but you’ll be catabolic, which means you’ll be breaking down the amino acids in your body to raise blood sugar to give you that false sense of energy that you really don’t have, which slows down your function of the adrenal glands to do their jobs correctly. So now the adrenals become a contributor to creating inflammation by creating excess cortisol.

Also, coffee can affect your absorption of vitamin D and the minerals attached to the vitamin D. If you’re vitamin D deficient be run down even more. Coffee is addictive and our bodies become addicted to stress. Causing your body to creates stress, making it catabolic and break down and then your cortisol raises, your seratonin, dopamine lowers and then you begin to have hormonal imbalance issues.

Do not try any extreme form of keto or calorie restriction methods. People think if they starve themselves in the week and then refeed on carbohydrates that it will reset their leptin. Leptin is a protein produced by fatty tissue and believed to regulate fat storage in the body. This overstimulates you during the week when you’re dropping carbs and instead of making your leptin non-resistant, it worsens the effect of leptin. Now you’re hungry all the time.

This is one quick-fix people try but it can take 3 months to reset the body to a healthy state, it depends on your health history, some people see results in 10 days. BAM!!! They’re in ketosis.

You should be focues on becoming healthy, not just losing weight. Weight loss is an effect of being healthy and being healthy is what gives you energy all day long. Not high cortisol levels but good balanced energy from a well-rounded keto diet.

If you are overweight your liver might be a little clogged and it may not be detoxifying and filtering the way it should be, which is going to affect your kidneys, which probably means that your colon bacteria is not right and is toxifying your body.

If you’re toxic, you can’t do any diet and build muscle, have a balanced system, strengthen your DNA, drop the fat and have energy until getting that taken care of.

For you to lose weight you have to get your body out of starvation mode. While you are adapting to keto and changing your eating habits you will go through withdrawals from the addiction to the carbs and simple sugars known as the keto flu. But you have to go through some pain to get to where you want to be.

You should focus on changing our mind. You have to be willing to do whatever it takes. You either get healthy or you stay where you are. Because theirs nothing in life that’s going to give you gratification quickly that’s real. Hence the stupid products. Go and eat real food! That’s all you need.

You have to exercise. Their’s no way you’re going to keto-adapt or get into ketosis if you’re sitting on the sofa all day. But don’t start with any high-exertion exercises like HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) because it can raise the cortisol levels. Once you are in ketosis for a while you will be able to do HIIT all day long.

So heal your body first, change your routine. When starting out start at 200 grams of fat, you can go higher or lower but that’s a good starting point. Do 50% animal fat and 50% plat fat from things like olives and avocados, not nuts and seeds because they can go rancid quickly.

When Will You Start Losing Weight on Keto?

Because your body has to learn how to use ketones and that is a process in of itself. You don’t just cut your carbs down and all of the sudden you’re using ketones and dropping weight. No. You cut your carbs down your body breaks out. You go through withdrawal symptoms. It’s called the keto flu, its not an actual flu it’s just your body breaking itself from the addiction to carbs and sugars.

We come from hunter-gatherers. Plants do not have alot of carbohydrates. So our bodies are not used to having alot of carbohydrates. So we cannot store that much. But your body won’t allow you to go  to zero. We can try with the keto diet but the reality is that when you’re a carb burner and when you don’t eat and you hit the treadmill you’re accessing muscle. You can burn a little bit of fat but you are compromising your immune system in that process while you’re doing starvation diets. All the systems that regulate whether you burn or store fat thinks that you’re not eating enough to sustain your vitality, decides to shut down. Women’s menstrual cycles become irregular and men’s testosterone plummets on starvation diets.

Keto-adapt and then you’ll weight in time. Once you keto adapt your body will find a way to use those ketoes and make them viable. We want to use viable ketones that can get through the blood stream and get theough the krebs cycle to be used as energy. Because ketones are like putting a log onto a fire place rather than the carbs which are like putting paper onto the fire place. It burns fast then its gone. You want to be even burning all day long so in the evening you don’t feel tired.

Stop getting on the scale and being fixated with weight. You won’t lose weight until you get right in your mind and you have to accept that you will need to make some changes.

Some people have alot of excuses. They don’t like avocados or they don’t like dark meat. They want to change but don’t want to do what it takes. To keto-adapt you have to eat alot of fat. If you don’t eat alot of fat you won’t have enough ketones. You can make ketones but your body may not use them because it will want to digress back to burning carbohydrates and it will do whatever it takes to get you back to eating chocolate and candy. It wants you to have an excuse to eat carbs again.

When you first get on the keto diet you want energy, you want to be balanced, you want your systems to heal. You don’t want to think about weight loss because that’s stressful. Don’t get on a scale or the forums where people compare.

You might think your fine but you’re not fine. Your body is a reflection of who you are.  So if you don’t look good on the outside maybe the decisions you’re making on the inside or not the wisest ones.

About Intermittent Fasting and Extreme Keto

Once you keto adapt and you are living the life of keto bliss and you’ve given yourself month to improve your mood, depression, your reproduction system and get your testosterone back, then and only then can you start talking about intermittent fasting.

Don’t start doing anything extreme for quick results, keto is a long term process that is a daily lifestyle that takes time. You should never be starving or in a caloric deficit.

Pace yourself, give yourself months up to a year to keto-adapt. Do whatever you need to do without any complaints at all without being in a hurry looking for some fast results. Be patient.

How to Lose FAT Instead of Muscle

First don’t use the scale check, your body fat percentage. You have to make sure you are getting enough calories because if you cut them too low or starve yourself your body will make new glucose.

When you see people doing keto on the message boards that are losing weight, they are probably losing muscle and water. Getting into a state of ketosis takes time. No matter what your blood glucose monitor reads after first starting the ketogenic diet, it takes time for your brain to become addicted to the ketones instead of carbs.

When you put your body under stress it doesn’t digress back to being a carb burner which is catabolic (breaking down and eating itself) as far as the muscles go. The reason why your body would choose muscle to burn instead of fat is because muscle is expensive to run. And when your stressed out or when you are starving because the body equates stress with starving, it recognizes stress and stores fat.

If you go on keto and you’re getting bigger it’s because your body is not using ketones yet. It takes time for your body to adapt and be balanced,. You might have to deal with underlying issues before your body will highly adapt. It can take months but once you do it’s the best ever. Then all that fat you been trying to lose forever starts melting off. Not only that buy you are healthy and have tons of energy.

One Way to Be Successful on a Keto Diet

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