how to take mct oil for ketosis

How to Take MCT Oil to be Effecive in Ketosis

All of a sudden you start hearing about  MCT Oil and how people are using it in their ketogenic diet. So you want to know how to take MCT Oil for Ketosis.

In this article, I’m going to explain how to take MCT oil for ketosis, how much you should take, ways to incorporate it into your day and how it is just one part of the equation to get into ketosis. Because you have to have the rest of your ketosis game in place to get the benefits of MCT’s and MCT Oil.

How to Take MCT Oil for Ketosis

How do I consume it? You don’t just drink it right out of the bottle. You can use it in place of other oils, for cooking, baking, on salad, in smoothies, in coffee, you can even drink it right from the spoon.

No matter what, know that it won’t be stored as body fat and it will give you a lot of benefits for your body. If I had to choose one MCT oil, I would go with Now Sports Pure MCT Oil. It is the most recommended by fellow ketoers and is the most economically friendly.

The amount or MCT oil you take depends on your goals and your daily activity rate.  But for the ketogenic diet, 2-3 tablespoons is the recommended amount to help you get into ketosis. I take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day, spread throughout the day about 3 -4 hours so it doesn’t upset my stomach.

MCT oil can also be used as a substitute for conventional oils in salad dressings, sauces or cooking. You can add also add MCT oil to your coffee or tea.

How MCT Oil Can Help With Ketosis

People ask what can I take to enhance my Keto experience. I tell them that apple cider is good and coffee is not.  But if I had to rely on one thing (besides magnesium) it would be MCT oil.

MCT Oil is 100% medium-chain triglycerides. MCTs are found in different foods like cheese, butter, yogurt and whole milk but in tiny amounts. The food with the largest amount of MCTs is coconut oil. Coconut oil is 65% MCT oil. Pure MCT Oil is extracted from coconut oil making it 100% MCTs.

How MCT Oil Helps With Weight Loss

MCT Oil is a fatty acid but it cannot be stored as fat. Only 2 things can happen when you consume it; either it is used immediately for energy, or it’s released from your body if it’s not used. So if you take MCT oil before you go to sleep you’re going to excrete it out, usually through urine. It will not store as body fat even though it has calories, but you still must count it toward your daily fat and calorie intake.

Using MCT Oil For Intermittent Fasting

Will it break your fast? Yes, it can. It will raise your insulin. Anything that raises your insulin even a little bit will break your fast. I highly recommend you use it for when you’re just about to get out of your eating window since it suppresses your hunger. If you’re getting tired of the taste of apple cider vinegar, use MCT Oil in place of it, it has no smell and no taste.

How MCT Oil Gets Used as Energy So Quickly

When consumed it goes from your intestinal membrane right into your bloodstream, it then moves directly into your liver and transforms into ketones immediately the moment you consume it.

Because it turns into ketones instantaneously it helps in reducing your body fat by increasing your metabolic functions. So if I had to pick one product to help with my ketogenic diet it would be MCT oil, because of what it does in your body to give you energy and promote weight loss.

Coconut oil does the same thing in effect but it’s not as potent or strong as MCT oil plus MCT oil does not get stored as body fat. It does this whole process to increases your metabolic function and is probably the perfect thing you can consume.

But energy and weight loss are not all it does. It helps you experience better digestion, balances your hormone levels, fights bacterial infections and viruses and absorbs fat-soluble nutrients from various foods. On top of that, it suppresses hunger. So many pluses and virtually zero negatives for MCT oil consumption.

3 Things to do for MCT Oil to be Effective

1. Eat Fatty Meat

Yes, MCT Oil and Coconut Oil can help you lose weight and get into ketosis because it’s a saturated fat and has a poly-mono fatty acid profile. Having said that, MCT Oil does not have soluble vitamins that we get in animal fat such as Vitamin A, D, E and K, which are extremely important.

Egg yolks and other fatty meats are critical for some people who have metabolic damage and have so many health issues that you will need those vitamins and hormones found in animalFatty Meats on Keto fat to heal the body to allow itself to get into Ketosis.

Things like bacon, eggs and chicken skin are critical for ketosis because it does have the fat soluble vitamins as an LCT (Long Chain Triglyceride) Fat.

Long chain fats need more of a digestive process than MCT’s. MCT’s can be digested more quickly because they are so small they can bypass the gallbladder. The gallbladder releases bile salts made from your liver to break down fat. That’s why a combination of high fats and moderate protein makes you full.

2. Relieve Stress

Keto Meditation MCT Oil

Your brain has to learn how to use ketones first. To get to that point your body can’t be under stress. You can get close to ketosis but if you have high levels of cortisol you will be halfway to ketosis but it crawls right back to missing the carbs.

Your body will do anything to raise back up glucose levels even if you don’t eat a gram of carbs you can start producing blood sugars through stress. Not mental stress but physical stress.

All stress can create cortisol. We need cortisol but just like fungus when that stuff mutates, when you have too much cortisol as a stress response, you get bacterial and viral problems. Also inflammation of the joints. Your thyroid, your adrenals and all your system can be under attack.

3. Cut the Carbs

When you have carbs such as a cracker, a piece of sushi, chips, ice cream or fruit you get hungry right away, because it’s more simplified, it’s not a dense structure to be broken down.

The more processed your carbs are, such as sugar, the quicker it can hit your blood. The speed and volume it hits your blood causes your body to work hard to balance our just 4 to 5 grams of glucose.

Carbohydrates are not an essential nutrient. We can live with eating zero carbs. We can create glucose in our blood without eating carbs. Go here for Keto approved desserts

keto desserts

For people who do want some carbs, they should eat it slowly and evenly throughout the day to avoid sudden increases in blood sugar levels and sudden drops. That creates blood sugar dysregulation which can create hypoglycemia which will mess up your hormones. Symptoms can be a headache, acne or ADD.

If you combine fat with carbs, such as putting butter on bread, this will get you fat. Because now the butter will be driven directly into your fat cells because our fat cells we have insulin receptor sites for glucose. MCT Oil has zero glucose, fat has a glycemic index of zero.

When you eat a simple carb such as a cracker it melts very quickly so your body says theirs too much sugar coming all at once. Since sugar is toxic to the body it’s trying to get rid of it and it eventually lands on your belly or your thighs. Plus you develop inefficient fat cells.

Are Their Negative Side Effects of MCT Oil?

Keto Flu

Often you will get nausea from your body trying to digest MCT Oil. MCT is a difficult fat to digest at first because our body is not used to having to develop the enzymes to break it down, giving you nausea and loose stool. How to take MCT Oil at first is start with 1 tablespoon per day to assess your tolerance then work your way up to 3 or more tablespoons per day.


How MCT Oil Helps You Keto-Adapt

When you eat carbs you get addicted. Like crack, when you stop crack you have withdrawals. You feel sick from the process of removing a toxin from your body. It’s an instant inflammatory response.

When you cut out the carbs as the bodies primary source of fuel, it totally freaks out and you feel like crap. The MCT Oil will give a boost of energy for people whose body knows how to metabolize it.

MCT Oil and Ketosis

The MCT Oil tells the brain that it’s ok, we’re not starving, which will help with the potential inflammation or cortisol response. Thus allowing you to enter ketosis more smoothly.

The longer you have been on a keto diet plan the faster you will be able to return to a state of ketosis because your colon and liver and GI Tract have already been detoxing. The cortisol response in your body will be under control and the MCT Oil will just help you get back much easier.

MCTs hit the blood faster because you don’t need bile salts, it can bypass the gallbladder and go straight from your liver to your blood. Whereas an LCT such as in bacon takes a lot of force to digest.

If you’ve had a bottle of MCT oil laying around for a while you’re probably wondering does MCT oil go bad? In this article, I’ll explain how long it lasts, how to store it and how to use it for ketosis and weight loss.

What is the Shelf Life of MCT Oil, Does MCT Oil Go Bad?

Some MCT oils have a best by date and some do not. Just because any food is past its best by date doesn’t mean it is bad.

All oils, in general, stay edible months to years past its best by date, depending on if it has been opened or if it has been stored in the refrigerator. MCT oil will last longer than other oils because it is made of 100% saturated fats, which remain stable for a very long time. It does not easily degrade from touching oxygen or light. MCT oil will last up to 2 years.

However, after a few months, the smell and taste may not be as fresh. If it has a funny smell to it and you don’t want to drink it and you hate to waste the bottle you can still use it for your skin.

How to Store MCT Oil

You should store your MCT oil in a cool, dry and dark environment in its original container tightly sealed. Some of the MCT oil labels state “Do Not Refrigerate”. However, some customers have refrigerated it and reported that it helped it stay fresher longer and it still remained liquid and pourable.

What MCT oil you choose to use is up to you, they are all very similar but like I said earlier, Now Sports Pure MCT Oil is the most economical, is high quality and is recommended by most ketoers. (Check the price on Amazon.)


I hope this information has been helpful and you now know how to take MCT oil for ketosis. Please feel free to share this with anyone you know who you think might find it helpful.

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MCT Oil and Ketosis (Best Combo for Weight Loss)
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MCT Oil and Ketosis (Best Combo for Weight Loss)
In this article, I'm going to explain how to take MCT oil for ketosis, how much you should take, ways to incorporate it into your day and how it is just one part of the equation to get into ketosis. Because you have to have the rest of your ketosis game in place to get the benefits of MCT's and MCT Oil.
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