where to buy exogenous ketones

Where to Buy Exogenous Ketones Supplements

In this post, I will tell you where to buy exogenous ketones supplements. After researching I found that Amazon always has the lowest prices on exogenous ketones supplements. Plus if you’re a Prime Member you get free shipping and you don’t have to go out to an overpriced health store. You can compare the different supplements right from your computer, tablet or phone.

Where to Buy Exogenous Ketones Besides Amazon

If you’re looking to find some exogenous ketones locally, The Vitamin Shoppe is your best bet. You can check on their website if they are available at your nearest location to pick up or have them delivered free. They don’t have as wide of a selection as Amazon though and they run a few bucks higher.

If you’re lucky you can find someone on eBay.com who doesn’t want theirs anymore selling it for less than what you pay on Amazon, but be careful, read the description carefully and watch the cost of the shipping. It could make the final price higher.

Some other sites that sell exogenous ketones are luckyvitamin.com, thefeed.com and netrition.com. But for simplicity, convenience, a larger selection and the best price I would just go to Amazon to buy your exogenous ketones.

What Are Exogenous Ketones

Exogenous ketones are a supplemental way of helping get into ketosis or going through faster periods and utilize ketones effectively. It is important to try and find what works specifically for you just because it’s popular to do a keto diet doesn’t mean its the best for you. If you’re a do it yourself and you want to get some beta-hydroxybutyrate, it tastes like jet fuel. You want to make sure you have some type of flavored ketones and that’s why I got some chocolate Sea Salt Ketones I’ll tell you about.

Benefits of Exogenous Ketones

Source of Energy

The number one benefit of using exogenous ketones is as an energy source. About 24 to 72 hours after not eating any calories or having very low carb moderate protein. Your body will go into a state of ketosis or start producing ketones as a fuel for your brain. This can be used indefinitely depending on the fat storage that you have in your body.

An example is a study where somebody went through a 382-day water fast, where they were essentially medicated through a doctor and they went through an entire process of getting rid of body fat with tons of water consumption in addition to few other nutrients for supplemental purposes. Now anecdotally this energy source is somewhat better for focus and concentration than glucose according to some people. You’ll see a lot of people talk about how much better they feel in a ketogenic state. This happens after you are keto-adapted and your body is more used to utilizing ketones for energy.

Increased Cognitive Function

So the second benefit of exogenous ketones is increased BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor). This is essentially fertilizer for your brain; it helps improve cognitive function, specifically functions related to memory formation, learning ability etc.


The 3rd benefit is neuroprotection. There’s tons of evidence that ketones can help prevent neurological decline, can prevent neuronal loss in old age, prevent Alzheimer’s disease etc.  I want to be clear all f these studies have been done on people who already have the disease. These are people with specific illnesses, these are specific use cases with a disease model. There’s not a lot of evidence for healthy individuals on whether or not ketones can help enhance performance. so there’s  theoretical benefit that I’ve mentioned but it may not be applicable to you

Beta-Hydroxybutyrate Side Effects

Gastrointestinal Distress

You can get gastrointestinal distress if you take it in too high a quantity for someone who’s not used to it. So if u just take BHB’s it’s going to take really bad. I recommend you find an alternative source if you can. It can be a little bit more expensive but it will go down a lot easier and create few side effects. Just because ketones are natural doesn’t mean they come free of side effects.


Too many ketones can lead to ketoacidosis. So stick to the 10 to 12 gram does range. You should be safe with that; more is not better. Just like many other supplements or medications, if you take too much you can have toxicity problems and die. One thing you want to keep in mind is if you’re doing nutritional ketosis and you’re taking a high dosage of exogenous ketones check your blood with a blood ketone meter to make sure you’re not going over.

For a while, Keto OS was the only source of ketones along with MCT Powder, and relatively bioavailable. Now there are so many options to get exogenous ketones on Amazon; Perfect Keto is a really useful exogenous ketone it’s affordable, the Chocolate Sea Salt is very popular and gets good reviews.

Now That You Know Where to Buy Exogenous Ketones

Let’s talk about should you buy exogenous ketones. Long story short, you have to do the work to lose weight on a ketogenic diet. You will see all these claims from the makers of these products saying, ” just drink this and within a few minutes you will be in ketosis.” No, sorry it doesn’t work that way. Ketosis is when your liver is producing ketones, you’ll have ketones circulating in your blood. After drinking the supplement you will have ketones in your bloodstream, so that’s how they can justify making these claims.

Instead of exogenous ketones, you want endogenous ketones that you make yourself from limiting carbohydrates so that your body can start using your fat as fuel. These products claim you don’t have to limit your carbs or correct your diet. That defeats the whole purpose. Despite your urine test showing ketones within an hour or so only means that you’re peeing out ketones, it doesn’t mean your body is burning fat. You may not lose weight, you probably won’t.

The goal is to correct your diet, to change your lifestyle and to get healthier. To take these supplements and not emphasize your diet is a waste of money especially since they do cost a lot. In my opinion, you need to do a good ketogenic diet meal plan and do some intermittent fasting.

Who  Exogenous Ketones Are Good For

That being said, if you are a high-performance athlete, if you’re already fat-adapted, you’ve been on keto for months, you’re a powerlifter, a marathon runner, then if you take it before a performance it will give you more energy because ketones are energy. People claim that it has helped them get through the keto flu faster also.

They have also been shown to help epilepsy using therapeutic levels of ketones. People take what Dom D’agostinois talks about helping epileptic children and higher-performance athletes and twist it for their marketing campaigns. They take advantage of people in a vulnerable state who are trying to lose weight and want to find the best and fastest way to do it.

Don’t Be Fooled By Marketers

There’s a lot of marketing power behind these products. It’s hard to go on Amazon and see these beautiful packages and all of the benefits it will give you, and you see KETO big and bold on the label. You say “Ooh Keto! I’m on Keto! That’s for me!” “They can’t say all this great stuff on the label if it weren’t true.” Well, they do. They take a few studies that have shown it to help certain people in a specific situation and twist it to market it to the masses.

So, make sure that exogenous ketones are the right fit for your lifestyle, budget, activity level and goals. The fact that you’re asking if these exogenous supplements are right for you or is a ketogenic diet meal plan just as efficient, you probably know the answer is a ketogenic meal plan.